Sepatu Safety King’s KWD 912 X

10 Dec by garda

Sepatu Safety King’s KWD 912 X

Sepatu Safety Kings Type / Tipe 912 X

Full grain leather laced boot
Colour : Black / Hitam
Size : 38 sampai 43
Note Customer

  • WA :0813-8475-0283
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    Printed Leather
    Breathable non-woven fabric lining
    Antistatic insole board
    Extra Wide 5-toe toecap provides maximum comfort for your toes
    200 Joules steel toe cap for impact and compression resistance
    Pierce resistant 1100N steel mid-sole insert
    Extra thick full length fabric-lined EVA foam insole with shock absorption, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties.
    It also provides extra comfort.

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